Personal Training & Food Diary Mentoring

Personal Training
Personal training sessions are available – 1 on 1, 2 on 1 or a small group training a program can be designed specifically for the needs and wants of the participants.

Personal training is ideal for anyone wanting to:

With over 10 years experience, a Master Trainer and Older Adult Qualification you are definitely in good hands.

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Food Diary Mentoring

You spend all your life worrying about everyone else its no wonder you eat the kids scraps and have no energy most days. 

It’s time you create NEW tastebuds and NEW food habits – that last a lifetime not 2 weeks. 

Chat daily with your trainer and once a week we will Zoom Call to discuss. 

Food Diary Mentoring is for:

With over 10 years experience of  helping woman lose weight, a Master Trainer and Older Adult Qualification you are definitely in good hands.

Food Diary Mentoring

Do you find meal plans overwhelming?

From the first phone call I had with Sheree I have felt valued and listened to. She has helped me to make small changes to my diet that are sustainable and I have become far more conscious of the food I am eating.I have found my energy levels have increased after only 2 weeks of food mentoring, and my mindset is much more positive.”


This is Kelly, mother of 5 kids.

I have no regrets! Sheree is great and the whole group is supportive and encouraging..... if you're ready to take the step - DO IT!!!

​ I loved that every session was different - keeping me on my toes both physically and mentally! I also loved that we were outside enjoying our awesome ocean views!

This is Krishan.

I thoroughly enjoy working out in the outdoor environment and would highly recommend Sheree to anyone looking to improve his or her fitness.

I believe she is one of the most experienced and committed trainers around who listens and wants to help me achieve my goals.

I really enjoyed the variety and challenge you put into the sessions. You understood what I wanted to accomplish in my workouts and pushed me to my breaking point in a safe and effective way.

This is Bonnee.

I started the challenge for my 10 week old baby. I want her to have a healthy and happy life and I had neither of those before.

I am the happiest I have been in a long time and it has put my daughter in the best routine.

I would bring my daughter to class every morning, sometimes she would sleep and sometimes Sheree would need to look after her.

I hated exercising before I started but I honestly love it now.