How to change your mindset!

How to change your mindset!


To often we focus our health journey just on weight loss, and we label certain foods as “will help me lose weight,” “wont help me lose weight”.


What would happen if you shift your mindset to focusing on longevity of health, and avoidance of life threatening disease? What if you improved your diet so you wouldn’t get high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, the list goes on.


It is proven that certain foods in our diets, can lead to cancer. Polyunsaturated are one of the issues, so why do we continue to consume them.


It is proven that certain foods cause inflammation in our joints and allergies and yet we continue to buy tablets to combat this issue instead of modifiying our diets of the products that is causing it.


It is proven that certain foods give us good gut bacteria and boost our immunity over others…………so WHY DON’T WE EAT THEM.

Our minds are a powerful thing. We may want something really bad but in reality, we also want a lot of other things so we get distracted from it.

However when we have a MAJOR health scare or even something not so huge, a challenge ahead of us (such as a fun run or an Ironman) or perhaps simply just another person who really needs your attention and help to improve their lives, that is when we shift our mind and we succeed.

Often the most powerful means you can do to overcome your mind is to work in a group with a likeminded people all striving to achieve their best.

This can be done with a buddy or in a community like our online LIVE workouts or even the 30-Day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation Community. Bouncing off one another, accountability they are the reason people achieve so make sure you have a group to brag to about your results. You don’t want to be doing this alone and have no one to show your milestones to.

We would love to have you in the community, no milestone is ever too small, but we love to achieve long term goals that last a lifetime, not 6mths.