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Hi I’m Sheree the head trainer and owner of One Body & Soul PT. Everyday I feel the luckiest person in the world to be able to help people transform their health, happiness and their life.  My decision to become a trainer and life coach came about when I was just a new mum. In a new town, no friends and all I had was nappies, crying and if I could manage it a 20min window of ‘me-time’.  I had lost my identity and zest for life.

Once I began exercising each day, it was a game changer. I felt a new energy that I hadn’t felt in a long time and I couldn’t keep this secret to myself. 

I had to help other mums!

Since that day I have channelled my skills in to helping other women to feel this good and get their mojo’s back.

I went on to study and complete a Diploma in Personal Trainer and haven’t looked back. I am now the proud owner of two businesses, One Body & Soul PT and most recently, Elevate Live Virtual Training which means I can help train and motivate women from anywhere in the world.

My Big Bold Promise to You

Change can be hard. But you’re here and you’ve decided to make a commitment to living in YOUR best body & mind, starting today.

And guess what? I’m committed to taking that journey with you.

You bring the heart, commitment and dedication, and I will bring the tools, accountability, support and fun.

Together we will help you love the body you live in, while building the body and life you want.



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At One Body & Soul, we are women passionate about helping other women live their very best life. This starts with the relationship you have with your body and how you see yourself. Let me guide you into improve your health in all areas, mind and body.