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Welcome to ONE Body & Soul Pt. Be motivated and inspired, with over 10 years experience in the industry. We will educate, motivate and improve your health and wellness.

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What You Need To Know About Us

With over 10 years experience in the industry we know what people need to get results. But not just any results, long lasting ones.

We focus on a combination of Fitness styles. Boxing, Cardio,  Kettlebells, Suspension training and lots lots more that give your body the best results. 

We are also very passionate about food and helping others understand the power behind it. Nutrition goes hand in hand when improving a persons health and we love to help others.


"I love it because every session is never the same. It's a surprise every single session!" B.Kimpton

Next term kicks off - 31 January 2022

Personal Training & Small Group Sessions

Train at Home

Elevate is for busy people – young or old, city or country and fit or still sedentary. From workouts for new Mums, those beginning their fitness journey or returning from injury, to advanced level weights and HIIT workouts – as well as yoga, pilates, and nutrition! 

Gift Certificates

Get a loved one the gift of health..


Yes, this class caters for all fitness levels. When starting for the first time we encourage people to take breaks and start slower. After you have attended a few times we will begin to push you to achieve your best. 

No we provide everything. You can bring your own boxing gloves if you wish and your own towel. Otherwise everything else is provided.

You can pay casually for group fitness or commit for the term with direct debit or a membership.

We have clientele aged 25-60years old

No, there is one class only which must cater for beginners and advanced participants. If you wish to cater a session to your fitness consider small group training or personal training. 

Yes we encourage women to bring along there children. There is no better lesson then a parent to show their child that fitness and movement is important. 

Won’t Happen In One Day

don't give up with out trying

Why One Body & Soul Outdoor Fitness?
(New Zealand)
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I’ve been doing Sheree's 8 Week Online programs for 10 months now and I’m down 19kg. I feel like my life has changed completely. Through coaching over the past 10mths, I now know how to lose weight and maintain it for life. I really feel like I have the skills & knowledge to maintain and keep it off. I’m the healthiest and fittest I’ve ever been - including childhood! I’m so grateful & I certainly plan never to go back to that.
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Officially 18kgs lighter than May 2018 ✔️
Resting heart rate has gone from 63 to 47 ✔️
Dropped two sizes in clothes ✔️
I might be 46 but I’m feeling pretty fit and strong now.
The online program has given me so much - it gave me the flexibility to exercise in the evening once family and work commitments were finished, it gave me accountability and truth about my eating and training, it gave me fabulous friends and most importantly it gave me a mentor who is supportive and constant in her commitment to ensuring we be the best version of ourselves. Whatever your personal goals, this program will help you achieve them!
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Living remote, Sheree's program was great at keeping me accountable. The meal plans came with great recipes, the exercises could be completed anywhere, were achievable and gave you the results wanted, plus I got the added bonus of meeting some like-minded wonderful women along the way! I would recommend this to anyone thinking seriously about making some changes to improve their health.
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My first class, I was like WOW, I love this. Sheree was wonderful, funny and dedicated. I started at my own pace and after week 4, I was feeling great. I've even started jogging and doing laps at the pool, something I never thought I would do. It's all thanks to you Sheree, you have certainly made a wonderful difference in my mindset. I feel healthier, my body feels great and I felt wonderful turning 49!!! I have lost 5.7kg 3.9% Fat 13cm down from tummy and still going strong so results are going to change again.